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Back to Basics: Fundamentals for the Perfect Smoothie

So you’ve been juicing for a while now. And while you have not much qualms about the quality of the smoothie you make, you wish—no scrap that, you know that you can make a better mix. It’s probably high time you go back to basics and review your Smoothie Blending 101.

For starters, there are four things you should remember when blending: (a) getting ratios right, (b) choosing a good base fruit, (c) mixing of veggies with fruits for a fuller taste and healthier mix and (d) the importance of a good, high-powered blender.

Choose the liquid you can use to maintain the thickness

Your smoothie, as a general rule and as most smoothie recipes suggest, are composed of two things. First, of course we have your fruits (and/or) veggies. And then you have the liquid base. There’s a wide array of choices of liquid you can use. But choosing one will depend on your taste and preference. If you really want to go back to basics, you can use tap, mineral or sparkling water. You can also use different types of milk such as almond, coconut or raw milk. Some also recommend organic fruit juices, fresh-squeezed juices or tea. After you’ve decided which liquid you’d prefer, you can add around one to two cups of it in your blender. You can always go back and add some more if you want a thinner mix but starting with small amounts is always a good idea as you can’t undo a runny smoothie.

Now that you have a liquid base, it’s time to build on that and decide which fruit base you want. Most people recommend using bananas as the fruit base as they give a creamy texture to the final product. You may add a medium-sized banana or two to your mix. Other fruits such as peaches, pear, apple or mangos will also do the trick.

Choose the fruits as the based content

After you’ve made up your mind about as to what bases you’d like for your smoothie, the choosing of ‘body‘ fruits is at order. Like before, the kinds of fruits you’ll include in your mix would be decided primarily by your personal taste. Do you like tropical fruits? Or are you more of a berries kind of person? Are you feeling more health conscious or adventurous and would like to finally venture into min fruits and veggie smoothies? But first, a tip. You can use frozen fruits in lieu of crushed ice if you’d like a creamy but cold drink.The usual fruits used together in smoothies are berries, plums, peaches, apple, melons and the like.

Adding some greens

To maintain the sugar level and make your smoothie more healthy, it’s recommend to include some greens on your smoothie. If you want to add a punch of greens to pile on the nutritional content you can add veggies like kale, lettuce, arugula and beet greens. If I refer to this article the best vegetables for smoothie, I would suggest you to always put some kale on your smoothie, because it rich of anti-oxidants that really goods for your body.

Use a good blender to make your smoothie

However, all these decisions you just made may be for naught if you don’t have the right blender. Powerful blenders are not a requirement to make smoothies. But they are imperative if you want to end up with great smoothies. Back to basics smoothie maker, great but affordable brand of blenders are Vitamix, Blendtec and Ninja Ultima.

You can use cheap blenders but that would usually mean longer times of prep or lumpy smoothies. Not to mention, cheap blenders tend to break easily. If you plan on or is blending regularly, then we advise that you check out the brands mentioned above. They have affordable models that won’t break the bank!

The final tips

Before we end (or before you go off to your kitchen to start blending), here are a few more tips on improving your smoothies:

  1. You can substitute bananas with some Greek yogurt (and still get that creamy texture!).
  2. Add a dash of salt to improve taste and add minerals. You can use Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt.
  3. Taste can also be improved through adding spices such a cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cayenne and the like.
  4. If a dash of greens still isn’t enough added nutrition for you or if you don’t like the taste of bitter greens, you can superfoods such as flax seeds, goji berries, cacao (or raw chocolate) and the like to the mix.

Making sure you’ve followed all these, you can now go start throwing your ingredients together and start blending your perfect smoothie!


The Tips to Get Breast Milk Back After Second Time Delivered Babies

Breast milk is the best food any mother can give to her baby. Breast milk is very essential when it comes to feeding your baby. If you have not been breastfeeding your baby for some time and maybe you are worried whether you can still breastfeed her, well, worry no more since there are different verified methods you can employ to get back that milk.

As soon as my first son Kevin born, I gave him my best breast milk until he was about 1 year, but when I delivered Kyle somehow hard to get breast milk back. And base on my experienced here are the different tips to get breast milk back naturally

Think of breastfeeding your baby

The tissues in your breasts which lead to milk production are directly connected to your brain. You can trigger milk formation in your breasts just by thinking about breastfeeding your baby. Whatever you do just try to imagine having your baby suck your nipples with those successive deep sucks and breathes. Just picture yourself doing this and plenty of milk will form before you even know it. It does not matter whether you stopped breastfeeding three months earlier. This method works very well to get breast milk back.

Do not give your baby artificial nipples to suck because this could make her prefer sucking artificial nipples to your nipples. Re-lactation requires you to always set your mind in breastfeeding your baby.

Try to get your baby back to breastfeed

Don’t expect breast milk back if you don’t try to have your baby get used to breastfeeding. If your baby is used to formula, getting her back to start breastfeeding could be challenging. As a matter of fact, getting your baby to breastfeed is the first process towards getting breast milk back. It’s always advisable to use this method before moving on to other ways of getting breast milk back.

Woo your baby and try as much as possible to have her get used to breast milk once again. How can you do this? Well, there are different possible ways to lure your baby to start breastfeeding  and one of them is by letting her sleep next to your nipple at night so that incase she wants to suck something the nipple would be the closest thing to suck. With time you’ll realize that your baby is back to fulltime breastfeeding.

Drink plenty of water and fluids

For you to start breastfeeding again you have to take plenty of fluids to make it easy for milk production. A dehydrated body cannot produce milk hence the need to drink lots water and other fluids. Drinking plenty of water not only helps in more milk production but it also keeps you hydrated. Water is a very important component in the human body.

Use Fenugreek herb

There is enough evidence to prove that this herb has been used for many years to boost breast milk production in mothers. This is one of the methods used in naturally getting breast milk back within a period of 48-72 hours.  It’s however very important for any mother who wants  to start breastfeeding again to consult a doctor or a lactation expert before going ahead to use these capsules.

Drink plenty of herbal tea

This herbal tea is capable of increasing the amount of breast milk produced by a mother who wants to start breastfeeding again. It’s actually an old method that has been used over centuries by mothers in many countries. It works and no doubt about its ability to get breast milk back.

Use Pump

There is sufficient evidence showing that using a breast pump stimulates breasts to produce more milk. The most recommended type is a double hospital breast pump because when both breasts are pumped simultaneously, milk producing hormones get stimulated leading to more milk. It’s one of the easiest artificial ways to get breast milk within a period of 1-2 weeks.

Prolactin Stimulation Method

There are different medication methods that can be employed to get breast milk back. Mothers who want to get breast milk can use such methods to stimulate prolactin production which leads to more production of milk. An example of prolactin stimulation medication that mothers who want to breast feed again can use is Domperidone.

The most important thing to employ when trying to get your baby back to start breastfeeding again and getting breast milk back is by being patient to allow more time for milk production. Consistency in eating a balanced diet, being stress free and living a healthy lifestyle are the main pillars for any mother to get breast milk back.