how to make a fruit smoothie
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Back to Basics: Fundamentals for the Perfect Smoothie

So you’ve been making smoothies for a while now, but still, you feel the nitty gritty from the fruit seeds or the leafy green vegetables include in your smoothie.

Making smoothies is relatively easy but it requires specific points to be able to make a delicious smoothie.

For starters, there are four things you should remember when blending: (a) getting ratios right, (b) choosing a good base fruit, (c) mixing of veggies with fruits for a fuller taste and healthier mix and (d) the importance of a decent blender for smoothies.

Choose the liquid you can use to maintain the thickness

Your smoothie, as a general rule and as most smoothie recipes suggest, are composed of two things. First, of course we have your fruits (and/or) veggies. And then you have the liquid base.

There’s a wide array of choices of liquid you can use. But choosing one will depend on your taste and preference. If you really want to go back to basics, you can use tap, mineral or sparkling water. You can also use different types of milk such as almond, coconut or raw milk. Some also recommend organic fruit juices, fresh-squeezed juices or tea.

After you’ve decided which liquid you’d prefer, you can add around one to two cups of it in your blender. You can always go back and add some more if you want a thinner mix but starting with small amounts is always a good idea as you can’t undo a runny smoothie.

Now that you have a liquid base, it’s time to build on that and decide which fruit base you want. Most people recommend using bananas as the fruit base as they give a creamy texture to the final product. You may add a medium-sized banana or two to your mix. Other fruits such as peaches, pear, apple or mangos will also do the trick.

How to Make a Fruit Smoothie

After you’ve made up your mind about as to what bases you’d like for your smoothie, the choosing of ‘body‘ fruits is at order. Like before, the kinds of fruits you’ll include in your mix would be decided primarily by your personal taste.

Try to ask yourself If you like tropical fruits or are you more of a berries kind of person? Are you feeling more health conscious or adventurous and would like to finally venture into min fruits and veggie smoothies? But first, a tip. You can use frozen fruits in lieu of crushed ice if you’d like a creamy but cold drink.The usual fruits used together in smoothies are berries, plums, peaches, apple, melons and the like.

Adding some greens

To maintain the sugar level and make your smoothie more healthy, it’s recommend to include some greens on your smoothie. If you want to add a punch of greens to pile on the nutritional content you can add veggies like kale, lettuce, arugula and beet greens. If I refer to this article the best vegetables for smoothie, I would suggest you to always put some kale on your smoothie, because it rich of anti-oxidants that really goods for your body.

Use a good blender to make your smoothie

However, all these decisions you just made may be for naught if you don’t have the right blender. Powerful blenders are not a requirement to make smoothies. But they are imperative if you want to end up with great smoothies. Back to basics smoothie maker, great but affordable brand of blenders are Vitamix, Blendtec and Ninja Ultima.

You can use cheap blenders but that would usually mean longer times of prep or lumpy smoothies. Not to mention, cheap blenders tend to break easily. If you plan on or is blending regularly, then we advise that you check out the brands mentioned above. They have affordable models that won’t break the bank!

The final tips

Before we end (or before you go off to your kitchen to start blending), here are a few more tips on improving your smoothies:

  1. You can substitute bananas with some Greek yogurt (and still get that creamy texture!).
  2. Add a dash of salt to improve taste and add minerals. You can use Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt.
  3. Taste can also be improved through adding spices such a cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cayenne and the like.
  4. If a dash of greens still isn’t enough added nutrition for you or if you don’t like the taste of bitter greens, you can superfoods such as flax seeds, goji berries, cacao (or raw chocolate) and the like to the mix.

Making sure you’ve followed all these, you can now go start throwing your ingredients together and start blending your perfect smoothie!